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Free consultation

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Strategy analysis

The direction of business development depends on many factors, such as: the location of the hotel, the number of stars, the number of rooms and many other important components.

Development and Creation of a Unique Hotel Site

Development and creation of a unique hotel site, taking into account the specifics of business, individual characteristics and results of the analysis of the strategy of business development.

Connecting and configuring Sales Channels

Selection, connection and tuning of optimal and most effective sales channels and meta-search engines. The conclusion of long-term contracts with tour operators and travel agencies. Preparation and distribution of commercial offers to contractors.

Professional creation of a hotel portfolio

Creating a hotel portfolio in accordance with the rules of the hotel business, as well as taking into account psychological research.

Recruitment, Training And Personnel Motivation

Training and retraining of personnel is carried out taking into account the motivation of each employee to ensure autonomous operation of the hotel.

Partnership programs

The possibility of entering into a partnership agreement for maintenance to ensure that the necessary work to optimize the business without initial investment and financial costs.


Selection and implementation of the necessary software for the implementation of the necessary effective management and marketing. Ease of management and control of staff.

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Giorgi, Tbilisi

I have been involved in the hotel business for several years. Before meeting with the staff of the Hotel Expert, I naively thought that I knew everything about this business. But it turned out that he was wrong! After carrying out the necessary work profit has increased several times. All expenses and incomes are now looking at the computer, not in a notebook. Thanks to the company for assistance in the development!

Steve Yu, Tbilisi

I have many different business projects. Georgia has its own peculiarities and nuances of hotel business. At first, I didn’t understand why tourists didn’t book a room in my hotel, but after training our staff and setting up services, everything changed. Look at my hotel, now we are fine

David, Batumi

My hotel was geared towards tourists from Iran. As a result of recent events, it turned out to be a difficult situation, due to the frequent refusals to enter the country. I thought to close the hotel, but the situation changed in a few weeks after signing a contract with the company "Hotel Expert". I did not know that so many people could be in my hotel. Personal thanks to the manager Alexander, he brought me back to life!

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